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Two Models in my Tesla Model 3 (Roadtrip and Car Review)

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Something different. A travel vlog, of my two-day road trip in a Tesla Model 3 with Instagram models @amyleeactive and @nataliaancora, talking about the Tesla along the way. We stop at a few locations for photoshoots, with bikinis, avocados and a few alpacas. We talk about the Tesla, how supercars are actually crap to live with, the car's range, charging networks, if I'm compensating for anything in an Aston Martin, and why everyone should just go and buy a Model 3.

It's different to my normal videos, and a little more scrappy. I'm on holiday. But comment and let me know what you think. You can follow myself and the girl's on Instagram below:

Amy Lee: @amyleeactive
Natalia Ancora: @nataliaancora
Me: @ashdav

Thanks for watching. Subscribe for more car vlogs and reviews.

#Tesla #Model3 #Models

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