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Subaru STI x Nissan 300zx \ Feat. Bagged Ford Focus ST x Honda Accord

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Here in this video you can see where upgraded equipment would come into play. A lens with a lower f-stop paired with a mirrorless camera that can shoot higher iso would be very ideal. The lowest f-stop my filming lens can go is only 3.5 only with it completely zoomed out to 24mm. Was shooting anywhere from about 400 iso all the way past 1600 to try to get an ideal shot through the screen. The canon rebel SL2 is a mirrored camera. Although it takes decent shots, a mirrorless camera will always out do a mirrored camera in low light conditions. Nonetheless I hope you enjoyed this little movie! Up next - ASM Fun Spot! Orlando, FL
Music used in this video:
Ytram (Martin Garrix) & Citadelle - Alive

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