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Rideshare almost KILLED me!!! | Convinced me to Get a Motorcycle at 42yrs Young | No More Regrets!!

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On this motovlog I discuss a few life changing events the past two years that made me reevaluate everything and stop putting off important goals and experiences for far too long. Including learning to ride! I am sure you all can relate, especially with the on going Covid19 pandemic. Please leave me questions and comments if you too have always wanted to ride a motorcycle and have put if off far too long!

Hokage Ninja | Moto Vlog
[A New Chapter Begins | Episode 2]
Instagram: hokage.ninja (https://bit.ly/2C7vLEa)

Welcome to my channel! My goal is to chronicle my motorcycle journey from beginner (Genin) on my way to becoming the next Hokagé! BELIEVE IT!!! (Naruto Anime reference).

For Manufacturers who want to get in contact for any opportunities for Demo days, Motorcycle launches, especially with the beginner rider in mind, please email me at: thehokageninja [at] gmail. I will ride for Ramen!

Upcoming Episodes
- How to pass the MSF course and what to expect
- Motorcycle Gear Reviews
- Continuing Your Training and Finding Motorcycle Mentors
- BMW G 310 R Motorcycle Review
- Track Days and Training courses

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