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I was able to get a loaner car while my Model 3 was being worked on. I got a
2015 Model S P90D with close to 140k km. A lot of people talk trash about Tesla and how the car might not last a long time, but after driving this car I am sure these cars can do a lot more miles without any issues.

Note that 140k km is NOT a lot of mileage for a car but Tesla vehicles seem to get more hate and so I though this video will help show how well these car age.

Of course with a lot mileage the battery will degrade but surprisingly not by a lot.
This car I drove had a really nice ride just a like a new, no issues with any of the systems. Both the exterior and interior components worked really well. The drive train still had the same power just like day one and most surprisingly the battery only lost around 50km. With better charging and driving habits I think this number can be further reduced.

One of the downsides, well divided into two parts is below
1) The MCU is a bit slow now, even though it is getting recent update it is definitely slower even in basic menu operations so this is something that an owner might want to consider upgrading
2) It does not have the side or B pillar camera and this removes the FSD option from this car. Although the basic Autopilot still works really well.

Besides the above two I think these aging Model S cars are still a fantastic purchase for those getting into EV and looking for a Full Size sedan with comfort in mind.

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